• Color Cover by TACS
  • Highlander
    ‘Warrior Sluts in Chain Mail' by: Attila & Hopper
    ‘Laid to Rest' by: K. Ann Yost
  • Battlestar Gallactica
    ‘Card Games' by: James Walkswithwind
  • Xena
    ‘Bedtime Story' by: Jane Mailander
  • Sherlock Holmes
    ‘Of Darkness and Light' by: M. Lepa Pros
    ‘The Stuff of Nightmares' by: Joana Dey
  • Due South
    ‘Journal Entry' by: Paloma Manchada
    ‘The Shooting' by: Paloma Manchada
  • Real Ghostbusters
    ‘To Dream of Waiting' by: James Walkswithwind
  • Wild, Wild West
    ‘Wild Wild Sonnets' Poetry by: Jane Mailander
  • ‘Walking in the Moonlight' Poetry by: Robin Hood
    ‘Autumn's Fallen' by: Robin Hood
    ‘The Winds of Change' by Ravenschild
    ‘Something to Remember You By…' by: Marian Seaton
  • Starsky & Hutch
    ‘The Prophecy' by: Jantona P. Walker
  • MacGyver
    ‘Rush Hour' Meg Bruck
  • Star Trek/Pros ‘The Pon Farr' by: Kate D Stargate
    ‘One More Surprise' by Legion
  • B7
    ‘Memento Mori' by: Taliesin
  • 150 pages
  • A tribute to Marion McChesney, publisher & friend
  • Color photo cover by April Valentine
  • Other art by Lethe, Valentine.
  • Star Trek
    ‘The Bonding' by: Rosemary Callahan
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
    ‘Righting Wrongs' by: Claudia Edson
  • Highlander
    ‘Between Friends' by: Penny A. Williams
    ‘Recovery' by: NJ Kippax
  • U/Professionals
    ‘The Angel in the Park Affairs' by: Meridian St. James
  • Due South
    ‘His Ray' by: W.D. Hawthorne
    ‘A Kiss Says More Than Words' by: Jatona P Walker
  • Sentinel
    ‘The Appendectomy' by: Lucy
    ‘Simon's Mail' by: Tazi
    ‘A Touch of Madness' by: Theresa Kyle
  • H P
    ‘The deMedici Gene' by: Hephaiston
  • Stargate SG1
    ‘The Wall' by: Ravenschild
  • Tombstone
    ‘Musings' by: Angelise & Bast
  • Barney Miller
    ‘Nocturne' by: Amedia
  • U
    ‘A Taste of Love' by: Miranda
    ‘The "Midnight Train to Georgia" Affair' by: MJ
    ‘Quartet' by: Elizabeth Urich
  • Real Ghostbusters
    ‘Club Limbo' by: James Walkswithwind and Wolfing
  • 246 pages
  • SLASH (PWP and some plots)
  • Color cover & interior art by Geli
  • 11 photomanips by Shar
  • Highlander illo by Deejay
  • ALL HAPPY ENDINGS, joyful celebration of love and hope
  • The PERFECT gift zine
  • Stargate by Legion, JM Griffin
  • Sentinel by LilyK, Legion, Joize, Shorts, Bast
  • Starsky & Hutch by Lutra Cana
  • Highlander by Holly Lynn
  • Hard Core Logo by Sanguine
  • Due South by Bast
  • Professionals by Shorts, Karen Klinck
  • 13th Warrior with a Sentinel twist by Legion
  • 300 digest pages.
  DYAD #19 - 164 pages

      BRIDGES TO CROSS by Dovya Blacque (Nash/Evan)

      Cassidy Bridges has a few words of wisdom for her ex-boyfriend. And, much to Evan’s shock, they’re about her father.

      OUT OF THE BLUE by Starr Copeland (Nash/Evan)
      After Cassidy’s near-fatal car accident, no one’s life is the same again. Least of all Evan Cortez’. Or Nash Bridges’…

      FAMILY BUSINESS by Kyra Taylor

      Scott McCall’s sister, Yvette, comes to town… and learns some unexpected truths about her brother…

      THE TIES THAT BIND by Kyra Taylor
      A drunken Harley Gage and a helpful Scott McCall make for an interesting mix of elements in a most unexpected evening.

      THE LAZARUS HEART by Dovya Blacque (Fraser/Vecchio)

      A grieving Ray Vecchio has nowhere to turn for comfort after the death of his childhood sweetheart. Nowhere to turn… except to his friend, the Mountie.

      SONG OF THE ORPHANS by Jonni Corday

      A surprise arrives on Crockett and Castillo’s doorstep…

      PHYSICAL THERAPY by Miranda Brown

      When Mr. Carlin begins to believe himself a homosexual, Dr. Hartley finds himself in a quandary as to how to go about advising him… in fact, he doesn’t have a clue. Until he’s given one!

      KNIGHTFLIGHT by Bethany Kent

      Sometimes, people grow up without our even seeing it. Bruce Wayne’s eyes are opened, in a most unexpected way, by his ward and partner, Dick Grayson. And so are Batman’s!

      TO FIND THE SKY by Dovya Blacque

      Bobby Wheeler left New York years ago and is now a successful actor in Los Angeles. On a trip home, Bobby finds himself nosing around the Sunshine Cab Company… and running into old friends.

      A SORT OF HOMECOMING by Allisa Raven Stark

      A night of drunken abandon with his partner and boss leaves Sonny Crockett dreading the thought of leaving Castillo’s company. And, apparently, his boss feels the same way as they take the day off and spend it just driving, talking… and coming to some new understandings.

      BLAKE’S 7
      BODY & SOUL by Nova

      After killing Blake, Avon finds himself being held on a rebel base. By Blake.

      POETRY: Seaquest: DSV; Star Wars; Thunderheart; Highlander; Blake’s 7; War of the Worlds; Star Trek (K/S); Miami Vice; Man From U.N.C.L.E.; Star Trek: Voyager; Quantum Leap

  • SLASH/GEN (most are slash, or it just does not matter. Only one HET story)
  • Color cover by Shar. Interior art by Angelise, Shar, Panda, Lady J, Jenny Saypaw.
  • Some funny, some not, stories about a character's death.
  • Fandoms and authors include, (in roughly order of max page count):
    Sentinel (Bast, J M Griffin, Lisa Duncan's Twin, Chrys, Nightowl, C. L. Alvarez)
    Avengers (Young Avenger)
    Tombstone & Wyatt Earp (Angelise)
    Knight Rider (knightshade)
    Buffy & Angel (Gillian Silverlight, GEN/HET story)
    Due South (Eugenia Chua)
    Professionals (Darby Brennan)
    Star Trek Voyager and TNG (Zee, Lady J, Panda)
    Hard Core Logo (Bast)
    Lost in Space (Zee).
    Poems by Cassandra Alvarez.
    Two columns format.
  • 158 pages approx.
      Lingering On The Fringes #2 - 178 pages   

      Ice Cream (THE SENTINEL):
      A apple and a difficult case combine to form a shocking question for Simon Banks.  What, exactly, determines "intimacy" and, once defined, what boundaries can contain the intimacy that exists between Jim Ellison and his guide, Blair Sandburg?

      Winter's End (STARGATE SG-1):
      Daniel Jackson is trying to deal with the loss of his wife, Shar'e, after three years of searching for her.  Withdrawn, subdued and distracted, Daniel is endangering the other members of SG-1.  It's up to his best friend, and team leader, Jack O'Neill to do something about it…

      Companion To Our Demons (LAW & ORDER):
      During a hot New York summer, a serial killer case that brings back memories of Father Joe Krolinsky -- the priest who abused Mike and his friends as children -- plagues Mike Logan.  That his contemplations lead him to Jack McCoy only adds to his troubles.

      The Moving Of The River (BLAKE'S 7):
      Sometimes dreams hold more truth that the waking hours.  Exactly what IS the truth behind the Federation's child molestation charges against Blake?  And what is Avon going to do about it?  Can he save Blake's sanity?  Is even he crazy enough to do that?

      The Touch Of Your Hand (STAR TREK - K/S):
      Why does it so bother Spock when he occasionally witnesses Kirk beginning a new flirtation with a woman?  And do McCoy's theories on the subject hold any validity?  Just how far outside the Vulcan box is the First Officer of the USS Enterprise willing to go to understand his own motivations?.

      Led Into The Sun (Miami Vice):
      Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs have quit Miami Vice and disappeared. Martin Castillo is left adrift without the slightest clue as to why. In his need to explain his sudden lack of cohesion of self, Castillo embarks on a journey that takes him from New York to California in search of his lost grounding.

      PLUS:   MIAMI VICE,  DUE SOUTH and much, much more!!

      The story titles in this zine are based on Sarah McLachlan songs.

  • Color cover by Shar.
  • A vampire story collection including these authors: Shadow, Sanguine, Carmen, Shorts, Tavaran, Angelise, Silk,Python, Claire, Diana Deshaun, Kylia.
  • Pairings and page counts in your fandoms are:
    Buffy: Spike/Xander, 6stories, 102 pages.
    Professionals: Bodie/Doyle, 2 stories, 72 pages.
    Due South: RayK/Ben, 1 story, 12 pages.
    Sentinel: Jim/Blair, 1 story, 22 pages.
    Sentinel/Forever Knight: Rafe/Lacroix/Vachon, 1 story, 23 pages.
    Law&Order: Lennie/Mike Logan, 31 pages.
  • 264 pages.